Polish Start-ups at MWC/4YFN Fairs in Barcelona

Cracow, the biggest city of the region, was indicated as the Europe’s second and the world’s eighth most investment attractive city (Tholons Services Globalization City Index).
Cracow, the biggest city of the region, was indicated as the Europe’s second and the world’s eighth most investment attractive city (Tholons Services Globalization City Index).

· Polish start-ups from the Małopolska Startup Rocket Project attended one of the biggest events for the connectivity industry, which is MWC Barcelona. Fairs were enriched with the 4YFN platform that aims to connect startups, investors and large corporations

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Małopolska Start-up Rocket (MSR) is one of the Economic Accelerator’s projects dedicated to the Małopolska Region. It is located in the south of Poland and innovative SMEs play a crucial role in the overall economic development of the region. Małopolska has a rich intellectual capital supported by some of the best universities in the country and an entrepreneurial spirit of local people. Furthermore, Cracow, the biggest city of the region, was indicated as the Europe’s second and the world’s eighth most investment attractive city (Tholons Services Globalization City Index). In 2016, Małopolska was granted with the European Entrepreneurial Region Award (EER) by the European Committee of the Regions.

It is a programme of the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies from Warsaw - the organizer of the Economic Forum, which for nearly 30 years has been creating the largest business and political conference in Central and Eastern Europe. The mission of Economic Accelerator is to build a place of dialogue for representatives of big business, experts, government administration and startups by organizing events and projects which aim to facilitate the contact between innovative companies and corporations, VC funds and the public sector.

The MSR project supports 24 innovative SMEs from the Małopolska Region in Poland. The main point of the project is to boost the internationalisation of the companies by sending their representatives to international fairs like MWC and 4YFN in Barcelona. In the 2021 edition, 5 companies from the project had their stands at the fairs held at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona. You could meet and talk to the representatives of the following SMEs:

  • Planet Heroes - a crowdfunding platform that rewards environmental initiatives and people making efforts to improve the environment and organizing clean up. The platform promotes ecological activities and people who work for the benefit of the earth. It is addressed to two groups of users; Patrons, who by small donations financially support people who carry out eco-activities and document them on the platform. The important factor for building user engagement is the gamification module - rankings and trophies awarded for various activities on the platform and the opportunity to share their ecological involvement in social media. https://planetheroes.pl/home
  • Createc - a technological start-up operating in the field of high technology - aerospace and automotive industry. We support the development of existing solutions and implement unique ones in the field of the processing of metals and plastics, measuring systems, 3D printing and expert computer systems. We have an extensive network of partners. In order to implement some projects, interdisciplinary teams of specialists are formed. https://createc.com.pl/?lang=en
  • Techmo – a startup the main activity of which consists of implementing business solutions in the scope of speech technology and computer processing of natural language. We have been operating on the market since 2013. https://www.tsa.techmo.pl/
  • TakesCare - an online and mobile healthcare platform/service whose main goal is to combine, support and facilitate contact between patients and healthcare professionals, enabling the creation of new digital medicine products tailored to your needs. It is a health care subscription online. The company provides both parties with tools for cooperation in online communication, remote diagnostics, medical care, coordinated care, health control and monitoring. In addition, we promote a holistic approach to patient-specialist relations. https://takes-care.com/
  • Quality Time - a company provides services such as photography, photo processing, photo processing, digital photos. The company's long-standing presence on the market proves that its employees will guarantee a high level of service and competencies necessary to complete the projects commissioned by Quality Time Daniel Szlag.

The above companies present different industries, but all of them implement innovative solutions that drew the attention of other startups and investors during the MWC/4YFN Conference in Barcelona, 2021 edition. We believe that attendance at the fairs boost our startups and we hope to attend the next editions with the Economic Accelerator programme!

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