Małopolska Startup Rocket at Valencia Digital Summit 2021

Małopolska Startup Rocket at Valencia Digital Summit 2021

· Małopolska Start-up Rocket (MSR) is one of the Economic Accelerator’s projects. It is a programme of the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies from Warsaw - the organizer of the Economic Forum, which for nearly 30 years has been creating the largest business and political conference in Central and Eastern Europe

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The mission of Economic Accelerator is to build a place of dialogue for representatives of big business, experts, government administration and startups by organizing events and projects which aim to facilitate the contact between innovative companies and corporations, VC funds and the public sector. The MSR project aims to support 24 innovative SMEs from Małopolska, the region located in the south of Poland. Innovative SMEs plays a crucial role in the overall economic development of the region. Małopolska has a rich intellectual capital supported by some of the best universities in the country and an entrepreneurial spirit of local people. Furthermore, Cracow, the biggest city of the region, was indicated as the Europe’s second and the world’s eighth most investment attractive city (Tholons Services Globalization City Index). In 2016, Małopolska was granted with the European Entrepreneurial Region Award (EER) by the European Committee of the Regions. The MSR project aims to support SMEs in the scope of internationalisation of their business activities by means of attending national and foreign tech fairs.

One of the fairs attended by MSR companies was Valencia Digital Summit which took place on 15-16.12.2021. The event was full of inspirational keynotes, workshops, expo, networking and exclusive business opportunities. Three of the MSR companies gad their stands at the expo, which enabled them to attract potential investors and other SMEs. Following companies had a chance to increase their internationalisation in Valencia:

  • Score Digital (Letitscore Sp. z o.o.) – a company that supports market challengers by delivering end-to-end digital product development services. Score Digital designs, builds and ships high performant and secure digital products that are designed for global scale, leveraging automation and machine learning technologies. The company’s ability to get to the core of their clients’ value proposition, internalizing their vision and the company’s eco-system approach allows them to execute their processes efficiently and deliver products that are fit fur purpose, optimized for scale and create high levels of customer satisfaction. https://www.scoredigital.io/
  • Edrone – a company has the first eCRM designed for eCommerce. They provide advanced Marketing Automation solutions, based on their algorithms, that are easy to install (Plug'n'Play). Their goal is to help to understand Customer Intelligence and engage them with an all-in-one e-commerce marketing cloud. The system consists of two sections: Learn & Engage. Learn: advanced stats, RFM segmentation and detailed view per client (even with the social media stats). Engage: 30+ ready to send scenarios, including recovering abandoned cards, sending recommendations and increasing the revenue with cross-selling based on their Customer Intelligence algorithms. https://edrone.me/en/
  • LGM SA – a company has developed a technology to increase and optimize the output power of electricity generators, including automotive alternators by more than 50%. Today, more and more electronics are fitted to vehicles, and the available automotive alternators are no longer sufficient. The company’s patent-pending method makes alternators more efficient while reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The LGM controller also works with other types of generators, e.g. wind turbines. http://lgm.io/

All the companies were pleased with their attendance at the Valencia Digital Summit 2021. They had a chance to present their businesses to influential investors and exchange their experiences with other start-ups present at the fairs. MSR boosted Polish start-ups at the Valencia Digital Summit 2021!

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